The Delta Smelt Fish Controversy


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The Delta Smelt Fish Controversy
California has long been on the forefront of environmental movements aimed at protecting the environment, endangered species and the state’s natural waterways (Blomquist, Schlager and Heikkila 5). And while environmental activists and policy makers should be applauded for many praiseworthy achievements over the years, issues of environmental protection are not always a simple matter of taking the proverbial moral high road. The problem with environmental protection, more exactly, is that issues often conflict with human development activity. In the case of the California Delta Smelt fish controversy, for instance, critics point out that California water policies and federal environmental protection laws are...
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.....ntemporary research concerning economic development, socioeconomic comparisons to other regions, federal expenditures and investments, economic structure, natural resources and environmental issues, economic
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This book explains how Executive Power translates to the state and local level through governmental arms and enforcement agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
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This data source provides a brief economic assessment of the recent Wanger Decision to continue enforcing protection of the Delta Smelt.