The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible


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The beginning:
The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible
The following paper looks at the relationship between the Dead Sea Scrolls the Bible – particularly the Old Testament. The paper will explore some specific texts from the scrolls and will look at the secondary literature as it pertains to the relationship between the two. In particular, three items will be closely reviewed in this study as part of disclosing how the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible as we understand it today are intimately inter-related: we will look at the three main versions of the Old Testament; we shall explore different editions of biblical books as they are found among the Dead Sea Scrolls; and we shall look at five interesting and provocative readings within the Dead Sea Scrolls. As...
The end:
.....ring the period just before and just after Christ. For such reasons as these, the Dead Sea Scrolls are
master-works as well as great literature.
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