The Dark Legacy of Columbine


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The Dark Legacy of Columbine
Columbine – Genetics and Environment
As the question suggests, there is a two-fold answer that must be affected when considering the tragedy of Columbine; that is, there are reasons that are internal, genetically linked to the individuals responsible, and reasons that are external – environmental (the unique circumstance of the tragedy). While these two factors contributed toward the total tragedy of Columbine, there is still an important difference: the internal/ genetic factor is largely independent – in that it could not have been altered by external forces – either negative or positive; the individuals were, at a certain level, inclined to take part in such an occurrence. Conversely, the environmental...
The end:
.....o subversively, pursuing certain angles and interpretations of the events with such dedication. My feelings may be said to be characterized by unease. The very word media is such an expansive term, and so shadowy in its implications that I hesitate to imagine the ultimate effect of the media on our daily lives. It is at a point where it no longer obeys any specific master; it takes orders from a higher, more intangible force. And yet, ultimately, the answer as to why the media is so effective at manipulation may be found within every individual: we, of course, made this media.
The following has been a revelation of my varied feelings while reading and reflecting on Columbine.
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