The Danger of Global Warming


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The Danger of Global Warming
There are still many people who believe global warming is something liberals dreamed up to scare them. Even such award winning documentary films like the one produced by Al Gore still don’t seem to convince enough people. Well, global warming is real. Global warming is not something made up to scare people. It should scare people. But there are hurdles in the way.
There is no doubt that politics and Big Business have a role in preventing a more emphasized effort in the U.S. “The United States creates 25 percent of yearly global greenhouse gas emissions but has less than five percent of the world's population. To have a fighting chance to keep climate change within safe levels, the U.S. must reduce emissions of...
The end:
.....r “climate change” feel this is hundreds of years in the future and so, they do not worry about it. That is misguided. Global warming does dangerouos things today. And the sooner more people get concerned and take some actikon, the more we can reeduce if not stop this warming of the Earth. Global warming is no myth. It is real. And it is a danger to us all.
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