The Current Energy Mix in Ontario and the Challenges


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The Current Energy Mix in Ontario and the Challenges
As many are aware, Ontario is asking for public input on its long-term energy plan review. To contribute to this process, the ensuing paper will prepare a document which outlines this writer’s understanding of the current status of Ontario’s energy mix; the paper then proposes a sustainable vision for Ontario’s energy future 5 years, 10 years, and 25 years from now. As expected, the document shall explicitly pursue an integrative course, examining challenges in the scientific, technological, political, socio-economic and social justice areas. When all is said and done, the paper shall look at the evolution and direction of the current energy mix in Ontario, the various...
The end:" l "toc" o "The price of green power " The price of green power
Ontario pays above-market rates (measured in cents per kilowatt hour) for green electricity. In the case of solar, it's as much as 10 times more.
Chart to follow with future update.
Biomass 13
Water power 12.2
Market rate* 4.3
Solar 44.3
Wind (onshore) 13.5
*spot price on Monday May 31 at 5:00 p.m.
Source: IESO
GRAPH: The price of green power
PHOTO (COLOR): Soaking it in: A solar farm near
, Ont.
PHOTO (COLOR): Soaking it in:
poses with executives from Samsung and Korea Electric Power Corp.
By Chris Sorensen