The Crinoline Period: Blouses, Jackets and Dresses and New Interpretations


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The beginning:
The Crinoline Period: Blouses, Jackets and Dresses and New Interpretations
The 19th century was the height of Victorian fashion. Through the social norms and looks of the body, the Crinoline fashion identity formed. The Crinoline period was all about showing off a woman’s feminine identity. At the same time it also made sure women presented themselves in a moral way. Though Crinoline clothes are not sold anymore, a reinterpretation of this type of thinking is worthwhile in the fashion world.
The middle 19th century was Victorian and was very inspired by morality, femininity and the industrial revolution. Manufactured goods could be mass-produced in factories, making fashion magazines and clothes available and cheap to many people of the...
The end:
..... but redefined to fit the modern woman’s tastes and needs. There is a lot to be learned from the fashions of the past. Personally, redefining the past and packaging older sensibilities into new garments is of huge interest, and makes the old fresh again. The Crinoline period is very inspirational for me based on the context of the period and the sensibilities that are still useful and applicable to my own work in fashion.
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