The Coverage of President Obama in The Los Angeles Times


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The Coverage of President Obama in The Los Angeles Times
The coverage of President Barak Obama for a week in The Los Angeles Times includes literally hundreds of articles per week. From new items touched on by the White House, to press events with Obama directly involved, this newspaper seems to have an insatiable appetite for including our president in stories. Obama is a unique media figure, both a world leader and a celebrity. His A-list charm and willingness to legislate notable changes in public policy makes him a doubly attractive to this media outlet. His double attractiveness, combined with the action packed events of today, make him the largest lightning rod for media attention on Earth. The Los Angeles Times is clearly...
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.....ress. "Obama and first lady go out for dinner, delighting onlookers near Washington's DuPont Circle."
7 May 2010. 12 May 2010,0,6405834.story.
Neuman, Johanna. "Bush FEMA director -- remember Brownie? -- charges Obama ignored gulf oil spill for political motive."
5 May 2010. 12 May 2010
Nicholas, Peter. "Obama, Afghan President Karzai seet to present a united front." 12 May 2010. 12 May 2010,0,3381513.story.