The Cove: What Conviction can Do for a Cause


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The beginning:
The Cove: What Conviction can Do for a Cause
The Cove is an extremely well-done documentary and also an excellent example of what conviction can do for a cause.
Scripted in a way that grabs your attention almost immediately, The Cove tells the story of how activist Rick O’Barry -“Flipper’s trainer”- and Louis Psihoyos –a filmmaker- go the extra mile to achieve footage from the yearly slaughtering of dolphins that takes place in the town of Taiji, Japan, every year for six months.
It is almost impossible to remain passive when you are witnessing such massacre. My first reaction was of horror. Then, it turned into denial and disbelief; finally, sadness took over my heart. It will be hard to forget the sound of the dolphins screaming, while...
The end:
..... for new generations.
Unfortunately, economical interests are more important than
humanitarian interests. Therefore, as long as there is someone willing to pay for dolphin meat or a dolphin show, there will be –always- someone willing to hunt dolphins, regardless of methods and complains...sadly.
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