The Corporation and the Question of Social Responsibility


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The beginning:
The corporation and the question of social responsibility
The documentary “The Corporation” is about the important and in many ways prevailing role that corporations play in our society today. Corporations are multi billion dollar international institutions that, thanks to their resources and sphere of business impact our lives in many ways. The documentary argues that corporations, through their various operations exert much influence onto the way we live. In some cases this is obvious: they produce, distribute and sell much of the things we eat, wear, and otherwise use and consume. However, their influence is also subtler. Large corporations also control mass media for example and through advertising and other means also influence what...
The end:
.....n conflict of that goal is rigorously avoided or ignored. Hence issues that concern societies as a whole are of little interest to corporations if they are not a potential source of profit. As corporations take on more power the question is what can be done? As individuals we have consumer power and can influence corporations in that way, as well as governments.
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