The Contrast of Body Image


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The Contrast of Body Image
Are black women more satisfied than white women in regards to body image satisfaction?
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Social Comparison Theory
Human beings exist in a continuum of social comparison. By comparing individually held distinctions within socially held constructs, each individual is able to create a relative position of status. This status exists within a specific framework. It is not enough to say one is fat, for example, or thin. In both instance, saying a person is fat or thin is of little relative distinction. Far more exact would it be...
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.....liation- are simply responding to different values of what they perceive as analogous to one’s own abilities or values. As Festinger explains, and as the difference in self image between African American women and Caucasian women demonstrates, the cultural differences of comparison exist simply because it is much more difficult to provide a comparison with a person who is dissimilar than it is to create a comparison with someone who is similar.
Festinger, L.(1954) A theory of social comparison process. Human Relations, Vol,7 (2) 117-140.
Hall-Iijima, C. C. (1995). Beauty is in the soul of the beholder: Psychological implications of beauty and African American women.. Cultural Diversity and Mental Health, Vol 1((2)), pp. 125-137 .