The Contentious Issue of Slavery


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History 123
9 December 2010
The Contentious Issue of Slavery
Slavery in the U.S. was a contentious issue due to its basic conflict between economic benefit and inhumane treatment. The guiding principle of slavery is "that slaves were property, but its everyday practice demonstrated the impossibility of living up to, or down to, that denial of the slave's humanity" (Parish 1). Thus, despite the general sentiment of the Founding Fathers that slavery was likely to simply fade away, the economic attachment to the slavery economy proved to be too profound. The South was economically dependent on the slave trade and was unwilling to abandon this system for the sake of a morality which...
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.....erty for all. The South by contrast viewed that their way of life should not be interfered with by the British or the North. In the end, it was the issue of whether the South would be allowed to decide its own course which was the tipping point of the slavery issue. The federal government decided to act and the South seceded as a response thus proving how contentious the issue of slavery truly was.
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