The Construction of Centair-Central Japan International Airport


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The Construction of Centair-Central Japan International Airport
formerly Central Japan International Airport was one of the most ambitious construction and engineering projects in Japan in 1998. The building process began in 1998 and it was finished in 2005. What needs to be realized is that the project itself started long before construction began. A great deal of planning was required to make it into a success.
One of the most unique aspects of
was that it involved the creation of an artificial island. The island that was ultimately built was 580ha and the airport itself was to occupy 470ha of the Island. The runway itself was 4 kilometers long comprising the majority of the airport’s proportion of...
The end: geography in mind can prevent many problems from evolving in the first place. This clearly demonstrates the benefit of learning from the mistakes made in previous projects. In this sense
is a perfect example of the benefits of solid planning with the environment in mind.
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