The Communist Manifesto: Worker Exploitation Today


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The Communist Manifesto: Worker Exploitation Today
Karl Marx is easily one of the most important thinkers to have emerged from the past several centuries. His ideas are so powerful and so complex, they have been used, misappropriated, and misunderstood by numerous other thinkers, organizations, and political bodies throughout our modern history. In fact, the misuse of his ideas during his own lifetime was so rampant, Marx himself was known to often publicly state “I am not a Marxist” in rebuttal to repeated misinterpretations of his work. Part of this difficulty to understand Marx stems from the reliance of many of his arguments on the philosophy of Hegel; specifically Hegelian dialectics. Dialectics is a complex system of logic itself,...
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.....rough class consciousness that a workers revolution can begin, hence ending the oppression of the proletariat. Since this is not likely to occur any time in the near future, I would say the following statements are accurate about Marxist ideology and our contemporary moment: one, yes Marxist theory is still germane to understanding our post-modern world, and two, the conditions of the working class have changed very little on a theoretical plane over the past hundred years, and they will not likely change any time soon, hence negated the efficacy of any domestic policy employed by Barack Obama. This realization may seem grim, but Marxist ideology is very dark; dark because it reflects the unpleasant reality of the plight of the working man.