The Collapse of the Atlantic Cod Fishery


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The beginning:
The Collapse of the Atlantic Cod Fishery
The collapse of the Atlantic cod populations by the early 1990s was a socio-ecological calamity that is still being felt today nearly 20 years later. This paper will offer a critical review of a pod-cast that explores the reasons for the collapse and will especially attempt to answer the following question: Does Bavington’s overall argument adequately account for the collapse of the once-great fishery? In the end, because he weaves together a variety of factors that came into play, Bavington provides an excellent overview of what went wrong.
To commence the review, it is necessary to summarize Bavington’s arguments as they are presented to us. Bavington reminds us that the fishing...
The end:
.....eated a powerful incentive for Canada to catch as many fish as possible.
In the end, the willingness to engage in a holistic discussion about why the fisheries depleted and declined as it did is commendable because it acknowledges that an array of factors all came together to make things break down. The podcast is informative, accessible and painfully honest about why things went wrong.
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