The Classroom Management Practices of Teacher A and B: Analysis


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The Classroom Management Practices of Teacher A and B: Analysis
1. The case study regarding the classroom management practices of Teacher A and B suggest that both educators utilize markedly different classroom management strategies. Differences in classroom management strategies may be having a significant impact on outcomes for the classroom. First, Teacher A uses definitive rules, which direct student behavior and activities in the classroom. While this approach may be effective for providing students with the structure needed for learning, this type of classroom management practice may be too restrictive to encourage the development of different learning styles. Additionally, this learning environment may prevent students from...
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.....changes. Submission of plans to the principal should provide a clear understanding the specific changes which have occurred in the classroom. Further, this process should provide the principal with an opportunity to deliver feedback. Based on the proposed plan of action, the principal could work with the educator to identify strengths and weaknesses of the plan and to improve the plan before it is implemented. Through this process, both educators will develop a positive relationship with the principal - one in which the principal is able to use her expertise to improve student engagement and academic performance. While both educators will have to carefully construct their plans, the process should improve academic outcomes for all students.