“The Church as Forgiving Community” by Magnuson and Enright


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The beginning:
“The Church as Forgiving Community” by Magnuson and Enright
1. Summary
In their paper “The Church as forgiving community: An initial model” Magnuson and
(2008) propose a model for the formation of, what they termed, “The Forgiving Community” (p. 115). The authors see interpersonal forgiveness as “offer(
) mercy to someone who has acted unjustly” (Magnuson and
, 2008, p. 114). They also stress the importance of forgiveness for the general community: “forgiveness must be embodied as a way of life for a community to thrive” (Magnuson and
, 2008, p. 116). The full model of the Forgiving Community is envisioned as a holistic model targeting families, schools and the church. The present paper concentrates on...
The end:
.....egy of dealing with family issues, did not produce any results. He himself then realized that another solution was necessary. At this moment, he realized that forgiving his brother would open the door back to the family and community. But at the same time the focus also shifted from him to his brother. In the process he realized that his brother had his own issues to confront (even though unrelated to the incident between the two) as well as that he has not always been fair to his brother. This effectively started the empathy phase, which over time led to forgiveness and reunion.
Magnuson, C. M., &
, R. D. (2008). The church as forgiving community: An initial model. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 36(2), 114-123.