The Christian Worldview in “Living at the Crossroads”


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The beginning:
The Christian Worldview in "Living at the Crossroads"
Introduction to the Book and its Concepts
The book Living at the Crossroads, by Michael W. Goheen and Craig B. Bartholomew, tells us in order to live a Christian life, it is important to understand what the Christian worldview and culture is. This point of view is different from the Western culture and other worldviews around the world. The book uses the word “worldview” to illustrate the Christian set of beliefs. This means that Christians can be said to share a specific point of view on the world, and how it can shape our interpretation of things we experience. According to Goheen and Bartholomew, the idea of worldview is also linked to what they call the shared grand story of Jesus....
The end:
When we realize how challenging it is to live at the crossroads, when all of humanity is affected by the divisions we face in faith and in social values, we can understand the blessing of the Gospel. This narrative of God’s love can provide us with a map to our future goals. It is important for all Christians to recognize the shared grand story of Jesus. This is the foundation of our commitment to faith, and the way in which we can work towards a new world of Christian values. This book demonstrates how we can make that transition as a community, living in faith as Christians at the crossroads of a new era. We can find our strength together. Reference
Goheen, M. and Bartholomew, C. Living at the Crossroads. Ada, MI: Baker Academic, 2008.