The Chores on a Farm are Endless


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The beginning:
The Chores on a Farm are Endless
From the moment that my alarm clock starts ringing, the chores are endless. Most people are allowed to miss a day or two of work, but for farmers this simply is not true. Whether it is a child or an elderly adult, chores on the farm are endless and must be done. While the chores of the farmer are many that constantly has the farmer working from morning to night. The endless chores on a farm include milking and caring for the cows, caring for the chickens, and planting or harvesting the garden.
Most farmers wake up as early as 4:30 a.m. so that they can begin their endless list of chores. When it comes to the farm, farmers believe that one of the most important duties they have on the farm consists of caring...
The end:
.....getables need to be picked at different stages in the harvesting. As the farmer harvests the vegetables, most farmer wives will can or freeze the vegetables for the coming winter. Sometimes when farmers have close neighbors they help each other during the harvesting.
From morning to night, farmers have endless chores that keep them busy working throughout the day and night. While many people believe that farming is easy work, they should try it and see if they continue to believe that farming is easy. On the other hand, most farmers love their farms and they would not trade it for anything. Each chore done by the farmer will greet him the next day and the chores will begin as each day goes by. When it comes to farming, the chores never end.