The Child Custody Evaluation Process


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The Child Custody Evaluation Process
This paper shall examine child custody and how it affects children. The roll of the child custody evaluation prepared by psychological professionals will be reviewed and debated. The process of the child custody evaluation will be detailed. Studies of preferred custody situations are looked at and how the courts take this into account. The opinions of legal professions of the child custody evaluation process will be relayed and incompatibility between the legal and psychological professions is outlined. The role of the judge in child custody disputes is described and shortcomings explained. A conclusion as to the present state of the child custody evaluation in the modern court is reached....
The end:
.....n can order that a child custody evaluation be conducted (Stahl, 1999). The child custody evaluation is a process where an independent party, often a psychological professional, will gather information about each of the prospective custodial parents and prepare a recommendation to the court. This process is part of the adversarial legal process that typifies the American judicial system, and the evaluation is often not the final word, but submitted as evidence by one of the opposing parties to bolster their custodial claims. The judge will use the information contained in the custody evaluation with other evidence to make a determination as to the final order of custody (Stahl, 1999). The evaluator is chosen by the judge or one of the party