The Cellular Communication Network in the Central Nervous System


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The Cellular Communication Network in the Central Nervous System
The central nervous system is the control center for all of human activities including behavior. Information is transferred through a complex network of neurons throughout specific regions of the brain to result in human behavior. The cellular communication network in the central nervous system (CNS) is made up of millions of neurons transmitting information and the neurotransmitters. The individual neurons are not in physical contact with each other but are separated by a space or a gap known as the synaptic cleft. When a nervous impulse reaches the synaptic cleft it is transmitted to the next neuron by means of a neurotransmitter (NT). Neurotransmitters are chemical...
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.....l therapy in behavioral disorders. Pharmacological therapy of some of these condition such as the eating disorders using SSRIs result in the increase the levels of serotonin within the synaptic cleft. Knowledge of the role and mechanism of action of these neurotransmitters in the CNS is the basis of pharmacological therapy in a lot of behavioral abnormalities. Further research in the field of neurobiology will increase the spectrum of pharmacological therapy available to provide relief in these conditions.
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