The Causes of World War I and II


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The Causes of World War I and II
“This global view of the buildup to World War II begins by showing a peaceful America, where the Jazz Age, Wall Street wealth, and isolationism kept the country self-absorbed” (Reutter 54). While the United States did not want to get involved in World War I, the United States was involved in World War II before most of the public even knew. The United States became involved in World War I were wealth, the sale of artillery shells to Britain, the rich getting wealthier, shipping and trading, and repression, while the cause of the United States being involved with World War II were Germany attacking Pearl Harbor, military expansion, and Hitler.
The United States became involved in World War I for several...
The end:
.....main neutral. The United States entering into World War II was necessary to protect the nation once that Pearl Harbor had been attacked by the Japanese and when Hitler directly threatened the United States.
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