The “Canadianness” of our American Stereotypes of Canadians


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The beginning:
The “Canadianness” of our American Stereotypes of Canadians
To the Americans, Canada has been the butt of many jokes for a long time. The jokes are mostly stereotypes and they are more or less the same seven or eight that get circulated between our borders. Molson Canadian’s “I am Canadian” ad campaign is a particularly popular marketing strategy that centers on Canadian nationalism. However, the ad campaign utilizes and sensationalizes Canadian stereotypes, all derived from our American counterparts, as the momentum of the campaign.
Probably one of the most prevalent examples of Molson’s “I am Canadian” ad campaign is “The Rant.” (
Donovan, 2000) The Rant begins with a young man on stage, dressed in a flannel shirt, quietly addressing...
The end:
.....ians do not realize is that part of the Canadian identity is contrasting it to the American way. While the Molson Canadian ad seemingly is a rejection of American stereotypes for us, it is actually an embracement of those stereotypes that label Canadians as lumberjacks and live in igloos because those stereotypes differentiate us from the Americans. It is that uniqueness that gives us part of our Canadian identity or “
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