The Bulging Ethical Knot that is the Afghanistan War


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The Bulging Ethical Knot that is the Afghanistan War
This essay will attempt to untangle the bulging ethical knot that is the Afghanistan War. This is a war that makes Americans and our allies face ethical contradictions whether we choose to continue or to pull out of the besieged nation. In either case, it is a war that does not make either decision feel noble. The Afghan War raises ethical questions about when to stop fighting.
As a humanitarian mission, the last decade or so in Afghanistan has slowing become more and more of a source of shame and embarrassment. The ethical reason to originally go into Afghanistan to hunt Osama Bin Laden and free the people from the clutches from the Taliban has been realized. However, while Bin Laden is...
The end:
.....aden). The United States has an ethical duty to itself and to Afghanistan to make that country work, not because our trying to make it work is working, but because we said we would. It is an ethical nightmare built on promises uttered when people believed it to be an easily completed police action. Victory for the democratic people of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is the only ethical solution, a bitter pill we have still only half swallowed.
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