“The Brave New World of Work”: Finding Stability in an Unstable World


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"The Brave New World of Work": Finding Stability in an Unstable World
The following essay looks a powerful idea articulated by Ulrich Beck in his work, “The Brave New World of Work.” The key idea he raises is that people have less job security than ever before: more and more, people find themselves struggling to get ahead in life and struggling to hold down a stable job (Beck, 2). In this sort of environment, businesses have labour flexibility but workers have less security and optimism about the future, unemployment is systemically high, and smart technology has made more and more people – and the skills they offer – obsolete (Beck, 2-3). This paper will explore and probe this idea and argue that instability in our modern world probably...
The end:
.....rk place demands more out of people all the time, it is also cutting into the time we can devote with our children. Without any question, men are being especially hurt because the jobs they once held are being shipped overseas at a disproportionate rate and because the old stability that once defined a man’s career – finding that professional job or that skilled trade and then remaining in it, comfortably, for the next 30 or 40 years – is no longer present; the rise of the unstable marketplace has been very hard on men. In the end, until our society finds some sort of stability that allows people to have lives beyond work, there will continue to be struggles.
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