The Boston Tea Party


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The beginning:
The Boston Tea Party
In recent months, some conservatives who are antagonistic to the
Administration and its efforts at solving both the health care and economic crises have resorted to becoming what the media began referring to as “Tea Baggers.” They were trying to emulate what occurred in Boston Harbor centuries earlier when American colonists sought relief from the increased taxes imposed on them by far-away Britain. These 21st Century “Tea Baggers” are minimizing what was a turning point in the Colonists’ determination to become a free and independent nation able to provide for themselves rather than remaining ruled by an empire thousands of miles across the ocean.
The actual event was not merely a sudden inspiration by the...
The end:
.....wer struggle against an oppressor is a far cry from the inane media attempt at polrtray9ing misguided patriotism in 2009. The example of the 1773 Boston Tea Party was a patriotic act that cannot be replicated, nor should it be attempted.
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