The Body, Technology and Identity


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The beginning:
The Body, Technology and Identity
The relationship between bodies, technology and identity are common topics in fiction. There have traditionally been two approaches to these relationships. The first suggests that there is something special about the human body that is impossible to reproduce. For example, in
during an echocardiogram Eric Packer notes,
What mystery he glimpsed in this functional
muscle. He felt the passion of the body,
its adaptive drive over geographic time,
the poetry and chemistry of its origins in
the dust of old exploding stars
In this sense the biological human body is a special entity. As a special entity it is something that grants a special identity that can’t be changed or reproduced by...
The end:
.....mselves do not settle the question of identity. It is possible to have a constructed body and still have a human identity. Likewise, it is possible to be human and lose that special spark that makes us human.
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