The Bank of Canada: Its Influence over the Canadian Economy


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The Bank of Canada: Its Influence over the Canadian Economy
This paper will explore the management of the Bank of Canada. Although the Bank of Canada is enormously important to the Canadian economy for many reasons: it is, after all, the party responsible (or chiefly responsible) for keeping inflation in Canada under control courtesy its monetary policy; it determines the interest rate (which is arguably the chief weapon in its monetary policy); and it is the nation’s sole money-issuing authority – many people know relatively little (if anything) about its management structure. The ensuing few pages will attempt to address this knowledge deficit by looking at the management structure of Canada’s most powerful financial institution with an...
The end:
.....control inflation and maintain the economy. It may not be omnipotent, but the BOC is definitely mighty – and its management structure/approach is a big reason why.
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