The Authorship of the Works of William Shakespeare to Francis Bacon


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The Authorship of the Works of William Shakespeare to Francis Bacon
This literary and historical study will analyze the premise that Francis Bacon was the true author of the works of Shakespeare. By understanding Bacon’s association with other philosopher-politicians of his day, the alias William Shakespeare suited Francis Bacons to protect his public identity. Furthermore quotes found in the writings of “Shakespeare” often appear in this book “Promus”, which often directly mirror those from the plays. By understanding these aspects of his Bacon’s concealing his true identity, the Promus provides a primary text in which define his true authorship of the works of Shakespeare.
One important reason why Francis Bacon might have been thee true...
The end:
..... Promus, which often reveal the similarities of direct quotations often used in Shakespeare’s plays. By understanding the objective relevance of the Promus in relation to the works of Shakespeare, Francis Bacon was most assuredly a leading candidate as the true author of these plays.
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