The Association of Debt and Death in the Poem, “Sir Amadace”


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The Association of Debt and Death in the Poem, "Sir Amadace"
This literary study will analyze the important role of the White Knight in the association of debt and death in Sir Amadace. The role of gratitude in death is found through the financial charity that Sir Amadace gives when he pays for the White Knight’s funeral. This representation defines the important aspect of monetary charity that Sir Amadace is able to give to the impoverished White Knight, which was based on Christian religious practices via paid indulgences during the medieval era. In many ways, the association of debt with Christianity defines why one had to pay his way into heaven in this poem. In essence, the association of debt and death in the medieval Christian...
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.....n Catholic Church. In the medieval era, many persons had to pay indulgences to ensure their safe travel to heaven after death. In these ways, the association of debt and death is clearly defined in Sir Amadace’s Christian charity and goodwill in this classic medieval poem.
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