The Art of Leadership: Leadership Skills and Qualities


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The Art of Leadership: Leadership Skills and Qualities
Leadership is probably the most important factor in determining whether a venture will be a success or failure. This paper will explore several aspects of leadership, provide a critique of a leader that I know personally, discuss the merits of monarchies versus democracies, and answer several questions about philosophies of leadership. Ten Important Qualities in Leaders
George Manning and Kevin Curtis’s book The Art of Leadership, describe ten essential qualities that make people good leaders. This section of my paper will discuss the merits of an excellent leader who led a group of volunteers in a fundraising effort for our church many years ago. I am still friends with her and...
The end: leader regardless of his/her lineage - does it really do so on consistent basis?
Democracy may not always let us elect the most qualified leader, but our leaders do have term limits, unlike monarchs who usually rule until they die or are overthrown. Even though democracy does not guarantee the best leader, it at least gives people a voice in the matter.
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