The Application of the Pender Health Promotion Model


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The Application of the Pender Health Promotion Model
By Advanced Nursing Practice in a Multicultural Environment
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Abstract: The health care organization of the twenty-first century serves a public of multiple cultures, languages, and values. In order for advanced practice nursing to better serve this diverse public, a culturally competent theoretical model must be utilized. Different nursing theories offer different benefits, but the Pender Health Promotion Model, established by University of Michigan Professor Emerita Nola Pender, PhD, RN, FAAN expresses culturally integrated strengths that lend itself to serve the diverse public in the contemporary nursing environment.
The end:
.....ared to meet with them on their terms, rather than just a stern faced ‘No’. That form of egocentric communication serves no one- patient, facility, or nurse. I am encouraged that a theoretical foundation such as the Pender Method exists that encourages cooperation and contribution from all facets of the health care team.
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