The Anthropology of Youth Culture


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The beginning:
The Anthropology of Youth Culture
Goth and the rise of a new kind of youth culture
The following paper looks at the Goth sub-culture – chiefly, its style of dress – and explores the significance of this dress to the youth culture of our contemporary society. The paper delves into what the dress symbolizes, why it matters to these young people, and why it matters to those who might be inclined to view those young people with otherwise casual disdain. In the end, the
dress matters because it is an act of rebellion, an act of conscientious alienation, that upsets people who do not like young people challenging the tenets of the staid, the ordinary and the commonplace. However, the other thing that must be kept in mind is that youth...
The end:
.....onal basis and the
culture and dress should not be rebuked just because of the unfortunate struggles of a few people. At the end of the day, the
uniform is an act of expression and an act of defiance rolled into one; it is only sometimes a cry for help.
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