The American Revolution and its Role within the French Revolution


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The American Revolution and its Role within the French Revolution
The causes of the French Revolution are extremely complicated, so much that many still debate it’s origin and what specifically affected and instigated the revolution. A revolution, according to historian Peter Mantin, is used to “describe a dramatic change in people’s lives, or in the way that a country is run” (Mantin 33). In the case of the French Revolution and the American Revolution, it describes both of these branches of revolution. There is no doubt that the Europeans were profoundly impacted by the American Revolution, because it changed the course of history and the dynamics of European power (Mantin). The French Revolution also changed history, and the two are...
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.....y already had. Still, the French people saw what America had done, and they were shaken up by it. They saw a country that had successfully rebelled against tyranny and used enlightenment principles to achieve the ultimate goal of equality. In this way, the American Revolution fanned he spark that was to be the flame of the French Revolution.
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