The American Failure


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The American Failure
It is a great wonder to look at the power and prestige of the United States of North America in the 21st century and contemplate the idea that America is not great, despite its success. Success and greatness are not synonymous. The financial and military power that the United States can exert as a demonstration of its will is a force, which has never been met in the history of humankind. This power however, is not the United States; it is not the great “American” experiment. America is an idea; it is an idea that ordinary people can govern themselves and that reason and cooperation can be a galvanizing force that can allow people of all difference creeds, religions, races and origins to live together in harmony. This...
The end: its own money system and has not been since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (The Money Masters). This means that every policy, every action, every politician, does not serve the people, but rather the bankers who have to either provide funding or approve of legislation. This central banking principle, violates the cause of the American Revolution and since its establishment, has been the cause of the failure of America.
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