The American Constitution


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The American Constitution
The original American constitution of 1787 was supposed to emancipate America from the powers of England. In actuality, the American Constitution gave power to the elite, and looked much like the elite governmental practices of the English. “They were not grass roots organizations that either originated with or were representative of the interests of ‘the people.’ In many ways U.S. parties mirrored the first parties in great Britain (Schultz et al. 141).” The new American government wanted to protect the interests of those who participated in the process of setting up the government, and their own narrow, self-serving vision of the constitution. The major governmental theory called “private sector elite,” where...
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.....s quo and who lived in America. The private sector elite theory of government was what was occurring when the Constitution was initially set up; it favored the authors’ viewpoints and demographic and made it hard to change the unjust system through a complex network of checks and balances.
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