The Advantages and Disadvantages of Internal Recruitment


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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Internal Recruitment
When a vacancy arises at a company, there are two options for management to follow to fill the opening. First, the company can decide to promote a current employee into the role, or secondly, the company can choose to look outside of the current group of employees and fill the position externally. As a result, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages related to taking the internal route. Although there are disadvantages such as A, B, C, the advantages are not to be taken lightly.
For larger organizations, career development should be a core part of the corporate culture. The organization will only succeed in the long-term based upon its ability to attract and develop...
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.....high levels. When there are time or cost constraints, this would be the recommended hiring strategy. Yet there are still reasons why a company should want to look outside too. There may be better qualified applicants outside the organization and it is always recommended to bring in outsiders with differing strategic insights than what might currently reside within the company. This keeps ideas fresh and allows for new product or service introductions.
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