The Accuracy of Taking Temperatures


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The Accuracy of Taking Temperatures 
Temperature must be accurate for the sake of appropriate interventions. Temperature is an indication of health status and changes in heath status. Before choosing a thermometer, the nurse needs to consider the person’s condition, age, the unit, and any important information. For the choice of a device, the nurse should focus on what is acceptable and comfortable for the patient (Mains & 
, 2008). However, different types of thermometers have different levels of accuracy. Many units use the tympanic thermometer and nurses never change this practice. I wanted to know if there are conditions where the tympanic thermometer should be used and if there are situation...
The end:
.....not have any serious problems. It is used for routine checks and to give an indication of health status. Otherwise, when a patient is in hospital and needs to be monitored regularly, a different device needs to be chosen for the sake of accuracy.
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