The Abortion Problem


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The beginning:
The Abortion Problem
Abortion history
A first “drug” used as early as 2600 BC
B. Egypt abortion technique during time of Pharaohs
C. Abortion not illegal in early American colonies
II. The big current problem
Pro and con issues cause great concern generally
Religious beliefs that life begins at conception
Medical advances better than old-time back-alley procedures
Large numbers of women will have abortions
statistics: 1 out of 3 American women by age 45
75 million unwanted pregnancies worldwide
III. The right to choose
Avoiding health risks is a factor
Rape or incest victims should have abortion rights
54% of Americans condone abortion
IV. The “Pill” argument now confronts Americans
Some scientists feel the pill is unsafe and that...
The end:
.....aders or politicians or moralists say- is not going to go away. We should not hate or hurt women and their doctors for doing what they privately and personally feel is best. The public has no right to interfere.
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