The Abolition of Slavery in the British Empire


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The beginning:
The Abolition of Slavery in the British Empire
This essay will look at the abolition of slavery in British Empire during the 19th century and relate it to the three basic concepts in sociology. The three concepts chosen are: status, social structure and ideology. The choice of the concepts will be explained further in the text. Without any doubt, the abolition of slavery presented a major change in the British society. It was an event long in the making that required changes in the opinions, belief and ideologies within British society. It would be wrong however to assume that during the nineteenth century the abolition of slavery was confined to the British Empire. Nor was the British Empire the first state to terminate slavery and outlaw...
The end:
.....ers increased significantly. Social statuses changed and relationships between two groups of different social status, slaves and owners, dramatically changed as well. Relating a historical event like abolition of slavery to various social concepts can successfully explain both the causes of the event as well as provide the insight into the changes it caused.
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