The 2008 American Financial Crisis in the Documentary “Inside Job”


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The beginning:
The 2008 American Financial Crisis in the Documentary "Inside Job"
The following report discusses the documentary ‘Inside Job’ with respect to its main argument, how labor market and organizational changes in the American economy over the last three decades help to explain the growth and contribution of subprime loans in the crisis, and advise for policy-makers with respect to how Canada can avoid a similar crisis in the future.
Part A – Summary of Main Argument
In the documentary ‘Inside Job’ the producers make a case that the economic crisis of 2008 and the Great Recession that has followed in its aftermath were all caused by deregulation of the financial sector and Wall Street corruption over the past thirty years dating back to the...
The end:
.....e proverbial ship. And it therefore behooves policy makers in Canada to take seriously the proposition of creating as many protections as possible against the next imminent economic meltdown in the United States.
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