The 1980’s: Marked a Revival of the Capitalistic Practices


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The 1980’s: Marked a Revival of the Capitalistic Practices
The 1980’s, in the United States and internationally, marked a revival of the capitalistic practices seen in the early 1950’s, as well as a shift towards conservatives and big business. If history works in cycles, we can see the same governmental and economic mentality happening today that happened in the eighties and also in the fifties. In essence, The rise of laissez-faire economics- a part of what would be coined as Reaganomics- led the country into a mentality of self-regulation, political
and abundant wealth for the rich, which would color the era as we see it today and as it functions as a part of out history.
The presidents of the 1980’s, formally, were Jimmy...
The end: the very recent past), we can see the same sorts of trends. For example, there is increased spending in the government, a propagation of big business, and emphasis on material goods and consumption and a movement into more sophisticated technology. America is always in competition with other countries and this is still true today, too. America competes with Korea, India, China and Japan for many technological advancements and in terms of education and business. We can see that our era now is much like the 1980’s in many ways.
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