That Awful First Syllable of Sickle Cell Disease


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Excerpts from the Paper

The beginning:
That Awful First Syllable of Sickle Cell Disease
African-Americans and Sickle Cell Disease
It’s personal- my granddaughter has the trait
The Disease- an overview
What exactly is it?
inherited from one or both parents
“traits” versus active disease
Who inherits it
Hopes for more and cure
“Sleeping Beauty” research
Treatment advances
new drugs
bone marrow transplants possible
More Awareness and publicity needed
Personal feelings
concern for granddaughter
no need for pity
intentions of this presentation
1. informative
2. no need for pity
3. prayer might help
How often do we read about medical news and the illnesses that occur to people and, how often do we exhale and seem glad that it isn’t affecting us....
The end:
.....e to play and laugh with them
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