Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction


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The beginning:
Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction
This paper explores the most likely terrorist use of chemical or biological agents against the citizens of the Free World. All in all, the ensuing pages will show that terrorists are most likely to use biological or chemical weapons that are easy to find, easy to use, and that have high lethality; they also prefer weapons that can be distributed over a large area and that are extremely infectious. Anthrax appears to be the most likely weapon to be used against the population and one has to surmise that it would either be used in aerosol form or would be used as a powder to contaminate foodstuffs.
The objective of any terrorist strike, so it would seem, is to inflict the greatest damage possible...
The end:
.....tion is that terrorists will most likely use the aforementioned chemical and biological weapons to target food supplies or water supplies – but they can attack people directly if so compelled. Anthrax and Tularemia appear to be particularly deadly weapons but Anthrax, because of its ease of use and replicability and its extraordinary potency, is most likely the agent of choice for terrorists.
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