Terrorism and Ideology


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Terrorism and Ideology
Terror as a means of expression has become an enormous problem in the world today. The impact of terrorism has changed people’s lives and compromised the feeling of security that many people in the world have come to expect. Terrorism has become an effective tool to address grievances with both elected governments and totalitarian governments. No government is free of attack from disenfranchised groups who want to coerce change. Terror has become an effective tool, for those without the power to fight for rights, to affect the way government does business.
Since 9/11, travel in the United States and the rest of the world has become more of a burden on travelers. In an effort to stop terrorist attacks, citizens are...
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.....s context does not mean equal possessions. It means that each person would have the opportunity to excel to the best of their ability. The enemy of equality is greed and no shortage of greed exists in the world.
What is clear is that the current situation in the world will continue to deteriorate. Even if it were possible to protect against attack 100 percent of the time, the loss of individual freedom required for safety would make current burdens on free individuals untenable. Unless people learn to respect others in their daily actions, humanity will not survive this crisis.
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