Tennessee Nurse Practice Act versus Ohio Nurse Practice Act


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Tennessee Nurse Practice Act versus Ohio Nurse Practice Act
The purpose of the Nursing Practice Act in any state is to protect the rights of the patient and to assure that safety is in the utmost thoughts of all practicing nurses. For this assignment I have selected the states of Tennessee and Ohio to compare (“Nursing Tennessee Code
Title 63, Chapter 7”, 2009).
The Tennessee Nurse Practice Act is in place to safeguard the life and health of those needing medical care. The Act requires each person who is practicing or offering nursing care to provide evidence that they are a licensed and qualified to do so. The evidence is to be submitted to the Tennessee State Board of Licensure which is authorized to revoke, suspend,...
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.....nursing profession. Nursing is a way of life it is not just a job. There are certain behaviors that are acceptable and expected and there are other behaviors that are inexcusable and will lead to revocation of a nursing license. The commitment of a nurse is a all around lifetime commitment. If the burden of responsibility is to great than nursing is not the profession for you.
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Nursing Tennessee code
title 63, chapter 7. (2009). Retrieved September 17, 2009, from http://www.tnaonline.org/Media/pdf/npa-3-12-09.pdf