Ten Works from One Popular Culture Genre


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Ten Works from One Popular Culture Genre
ASSIGNMENT ONE will identify ten works from one popular culture genre. The genre will be punk rock because this form of music has continually found ways to re enter the mainstream and pop culture in new variations such as hardcore, post-punk,
. This assignment catalogues the top ten punk records. It should be noted that many punk purists believe that true punk only existed in the 1970s, and this author respects that opinion, which is why this caveat is to specify that this “punk” list is punk in the broader sense of the term.
10. Wrong by NOMEANSNO (1989 Alternative Tentacles). This is the only Canadian recording on the list, and is the definitive
The end:
.....Ramones were the first punk band, writing songs that were stripped down, fast and basic, free of guitar solos and ultimately forming the template for all punk to come. A fascination with Nazis floats satirically through the lyrics “I’m a Nazi,
, and I fight for the mother land” (from “Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World”). Joe Strummer has credited this album’s release was the most important moment in British punk history because it showed British punks the way. The Ramones remains a completely fresh listening experience today and is still so influential that
groups like Green Day make their living by imitating the sound of this record. The Ramones, containing great songs like “Judy is a Punk” will continue to inspire imitators.