Television as a Part of Education


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Television as a Part of Education
In America by the age of six which is first grade a child will have learned how to commit a crime such as a bank holdup and breaking and entering or assault and battery, how to stop themselves from sweating too much, how their mother gets their socks back to white after playing outside all day in the mud, how to murder someone and not get caught and how to get around the bases in a game played between boys and girls that does not require a bat, glove or ball and that on TV doesn’t discuss the use of a condom. This is American television.
Postman in Chapter Ten entitled Teaching as an Amusing Activity explains how children are raised on commercials. Commercials being little lessons on how to live, what is...
The end: religion, politics and education individuals in society will begin to breakdown the function of society as we now know it. Religion, politics and education are all serious functions within a society. The question I believe Postman asks is if we want them to be taught through entertainment which may take away their respectability within the function society as we know it or do we want to change how these three parts of society are learned and run the risk of decreasing their importance in society. This is the question education administrators are answering in individual school systems around the country today (154).
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