Telebank Call Center Case Study


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Telebank Call Center Case Study
The following discussion provides an analysis of the Telebank Call Center case study.
The “Socio” part of the Socio-Technical System: Less than a Perfectly Smoothly functioning Machine
In terms of addressing the question of the “socio” part of the socio-technical system that keeps Telebank from being other than a smoothly running machine, Telebank creates a structural control system that combines technical control with bureaucratic control. But in the mix of using computer software to route calls and, effectively mechanize the call center, the bureaucratic side of the equation forces Call Center Representatives (CSRs) to conform to rules that tell them how to act (Socio-Technical Systems and Call Centres,...
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.....ns that CSRs are viewed in the narrow sense of their job duties and activities (Five Approaches to Organizational Design, 2010).
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