Teens Giving Birth Reduces with Sex Education in School


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Teens Giving Birth Reduces with Sex Education in School
There are two different approaches to teaching sex education in schools today. What type of education a child receives depends on what state and or local school mandates are for your district. The two types of sex education are: Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Program (Witmer).
Obviously these two types of sex education are at opposite ends of a huge debate. The issue for parents is to know which type of sex education your child is receiving. Politics determine which type of sex education a child receives. All parents can do is to learn what is being taught and to fill in the gaps at home (Witmer).   
Comprehensive Sexuality Education...
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.....xperience and culture
Provide a support system for teens with sex educators for private discussion and education
When sex education is not a part of the school curriculum teens rely on their peers and other inappropriate sources for information like the media. Educating teens about sex at the very least can’t hurt and the odds are that the more education that is provided the better informed choices teens will make in regards to delaying sexual activity (“Sex Education That Works”).
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