Teenage Substance Abuse Reflection


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Teenage Substance Abuse Reflection
This paper will reflect on the seminar about teenage substance abuse and focus on how the experience, individual and group process will be helpful in my nursing practice, and how the knowledge learned can be incorporated into evidence-based practice. The Population Health Model (Hamilton & Bhatti, 1995) will be utilized as a model to reflect upon individual strengths, areas for development and strategies for improvement.
I believe my strengths regarding the teenage substance abuse practice for nursing is that I have an understanding of the holistic nature of the abuse, and that substance abuse is not just a lack of will, but it often involves brain chemistry and...
The end:
.....viewing illness and disease that goes beyond the individual person, and to the wider spectrum of the person’s environment both in a health care context and in a more personal context. In addition, while I believe my individual skills as a nurse are well-developed, my areas of improvement are similar to what the model suggests - that I need to enhance my abilities to work effectively in a group and community oriented health care environement.
Hamilton, N. & Bhatti, T. (1995 Oct). Population Health Promotion: An Integrated Model of Population Health and Health Promotion. Working Paper, Health Promotion Development Division, Health Canada. Retrieved from, http://www.courseweb.uottawa.ca/pop8910/Outline/Models/Hamilton-Bhatti.htm